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Sparkler Alternatives for Wedding Exits

February 13, 2020

Let’s chat about wedding exits!  In Texas, it’s very common for the bride and groom to leave their party via a grand exit of some sort.  One big trend right now is the use of Sparklers.  If you use sparklers, you want to do some research.  Find sparklers that don’t smoke much AND that will last at least two minutes.  It takes time to light sparklers for guests and if your sparklers are shorter, they’ll be out before you exit the venue.

However, not all venues allow the use of sparklers, since they can be a fire hazard, especially in the hands of wedding guests who may have had too much to drink.  So, here are some sparkler alternatives for your wedding exit, if your venue doesn’t allow sparklers.

Bubbles!  If you use bubbles, you’ll also want to bring a bubble machine.  Yes, like the kind you find in the toy aisle!

If you’re a photographer and know that it’s difficult to get bubbles that are clear to show up at all, remember to put a flash behind your couple.  The light from your off camera flash will create contrast for the bubbles, so they show up in your clients’ wedding exit images.

Gabby and Bobby brought in a bubble machine while their guests used glow sticks!

There are two main kinds of glow sticks.  The thiner ones that you can make into jewelry and the ones that are battery powered and light up different colors.

I have absolutely no idea what these are called, but the guests all tickled Lacy and Caleb as they exited their wedding reception.  That was fun!

Feel free to show some personality!  Jess and Spenser used Light Sabers, since a strong love of Star Wars they have!  :D

Ribbon wands allow you to match your exit with your wedding colors.

Dried Lavender is another option.  With anything that can be thrown, expect at least one groomsmen to throw it right at you instead of over your head.  You’ve been warned!

Rose petals will always be a classic choice!  You can match the color of the petal to your wedding colors and it’s a great option for daylight exits.  Traditionally, couples used to have the exit from the church, not the reception.  If you’d prefer to exit from the church during daylight hours, rose petals are a great option!

Biodegradable snow is a fun exit for winter weddings!

Confetti is another one that is fun for guests!  I will tell you that confetti can stick to you, especially if you have the exit from the ceremony.  That means, you’ll have to get cleaned up before pictures if you use confetti before the very end of the night.

Of course, anything you want to use for your exit, you’ll want to check with your venue beforehand.  There are clean-up fees, dangers to on-site animals, and fire hazards, so most venues have a restriction of some sort on what they’ll allow.

If there is a really cool exit that you’ve seen that didn’t make the list, please feel free to share that in the comments!

– Mylah Renae

Sparkler Alternatives for Wedding Exits


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