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Know Your Why and Start There

July 24, 2017

I was the person who fell into business.  I went to college to study business, as I figured it would be the most beneficial in any field.  However, I didn’t think I’d ever own my own business.  It was never on the radar for my 18-year old self.  I thought I’d just manage someone else’s business.  And, that’s what I did, for a while.

After graduation, I started working as an office manager at an IT company.  I was responsible for scheduling technicians, invoicing clients, and acted as the first line of defense when customers called.  It was here that my business degree was actually put to use and I learned SO MUCH about business by experiencing the ins and outs, firsthand.

Then, my husband and I moved back to Austin, as my sisters were starting their families and I wanted to win “The Best Aunt” award every year!  It was after this move that I decided to start my own business – way before I was ready.  (How to know when you’re ready to leave your 8-5 desk job is an entirely different blog post…)

At the time, Dylan and I were on completely opposite schedules and were living more as roommates than newlyweds.  He worked nights and I worked days and we really were like two ships passing in the night, never seeing one another.  It was like living with the roommate you never saw, but knew still lived there due to the extra coffee cup in the sink.  It wasn’t a great time for our marriage and we knew continuing on the course we were on wouldn’t end up how we imagined.

Something HAD to change for our marriage to get better and it had to be one of our schedules.  At the time, my current job was draining in every way, so it only made sense that I was the one to leave my job.  Dylan was also the bread-winner for our family at this point, as his income got us further than mine.  Since Dylan’s schedule changed frequently, it also only made sense that I have total control over my work schedule so I could match my schedule to his.  With this, my photography business was born!  There was no plan to get going.  I thought I’d just launch a website with the sessions/weddings I’d already photographed, Google would automatically be my friend, and clients would come knocking.  As you can imagine, that’s not quite the way it worked out…

However, there was a VERY powerful WHY behind starting my business when I did.  It’s because I believed in marriage and knew that GOD had something better for me and my husband than the situation we had found ourselves in.  I wanted to stay married to the man I had chosen and was willing to take some risks for it!  Something had to change in our schedules and being my own boss seemed like the way to go.  So, we leaped.

Knowing that marriage was so important to me, I naturally veered to weddings.  I wanted couples to have the first day of their marriage documented.  I wanted them to have images to look back on that reminded them of one of their best days when they were nearing one of their worst.  I wanted the images to remind them that their marriage and their spouse are worth fighting for, no matter what obstacle lay ahead.

My WHY behind my photography business was to give couples a (tangible) reminder that their marriage was worth fighting for.

With that same WHY in mind, that your marriage is worth fighting for, I’m starting a new venture!  After being in the wedding industry for over 5 years, I’ve seen lots of entrepreneurs struggle.  Mostly, because a business practice wasn’t working for them.  The struggle doesn’t just exist in the business, however.  When you’re an entrepreneur, your business struggles inevitably overflow into your life and effect your marriage and family.  There were times in my photography business that my priorities were out of whack and the business was put before everything else.  That wasn’t right.  Our marriage struggled, again, but for different reasons.  It wasn’t struggling because we didn’t see each other.  It was struggling because I was putting my business before my marriage.  That still pains my heart to confess.

I’ve been able to coach my friendors (fellow wedding vendors turned friends) into finding their ideal clients, increase their bookings, and streamline their processes.  If you’re a friend of mine in the industry, you’ve probably gotten business advice from me (some solicited, sometimes because I just can’t help myself and want to share).  Now, I want to help all creative business owners!  I’m starting this next venture to help other creatives create a business that works for them, their family, and their life.  I’m here to help you find an easier way in business and to prove that your business can be successful in supporting your family.  Your business can work for you and your marriage.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your family, friends, or life for your business.  My goal is to show you some ways to save you time and energy that should be reserved for you, your family, and your marriage.  GOD had bigger plans for me and Dylan and I know HE has the same for you.

That’s my why and that’s where we’re starting.

From now on, you can expect some business insight on this blog.  I want the other creatives I work with to find tips and tricks on how to better their business and run it more successfully.

(If you want to learn more about starting with your own why and why it’s good for your business, check out Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk.)


Cheers to working smarter and making out with your husband more!
– Mylah Renae

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