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Horseshoe Bay Resort Wedding Photographer: Chris & Paige

September 30, 2016

After an afternoon of golfing, Chris took Paige to a winery she had been wanting to try.  The two sat with a picnic and wine among the vines.  Chris took Paige and started to tell her about how he hoped to have a similar piece of land one day to enjoy all his own, with Paige by his side.  In that moment, he got down on one knee and asked Paige to spend the rest of their lives together.  With tears running down her cheek, she said yes and the two called family and friends in celebration.  Those same friends and family surrounded Chris and Paige this past weekend for their pink wedding at Horseshoe Bay Resort.  They said “I do” on the Lily Lawn of the Yacht Club.

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-10horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-5horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-1horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-7horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-4 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-13 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-15

Paige met her dad in front of the waterfalls so he could see his baby girl in her wedding dress!  Their sweet reaction is one of my favorites!  Joy just radiated from this family!


After her dad, it was Chris’ turn to have a first look with his bride.  This next picture says it all.  horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-27 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-29horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-28 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-35 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-39horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-24 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-42 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-48horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-45 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-50 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-51


Just before she walked down the aisle to the love of her life, Paige’s bridesmaids lifted her and Chris and their marriage up in prayer.  It was one of the sweetest moments!

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-56 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-62 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-65 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-67 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-70horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-68 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-74 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-77 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-81 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-86 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-88horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-79horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-87 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-90horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-83 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-91

Wrapped around Paige’s bridal bouquet was a piece of her mother’s wedding dress.  If I followed correctly, that wedding dress was worn by not only Paige’s mom, but all of Paige’s mom’s sisters.  AND… I think all of the cousins who have gotten married since also included a piece of the dress in their wedding day.  How cool is that?!?  I love that it has such a sentimental value AND includes a legacy of love!

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-95 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-99horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-97 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-105 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-106

Chris and Paige were giving high fives as they were announced into their reception.  Shortly after, the best man and matron of honor toasted the newlyweds.

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-112 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-115 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-119 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-121

Paige shared her father daughter dance with all the father and daughter sets at the wedding!  If you couldn’t already tell, Paige has a heart of gold.  Since the moment I met Paige, she has exuded gratitude.  She loves other people so, so well.  You can feel it when you walk into the same room as her.

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-127 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-129 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-131

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-108horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-137horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-110 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-139

After the Delta Gamma ladies sang in Paige’s honor, the Texas Tech crowded showed their school spirit by throwing tortillas.

horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-141 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-145 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-148 horseshoe-bay-resort-wedding-photographer-149

Chris and Paige ended the night with kisses among sparklers and a grand exit via boat!


Chris and Paige, if you couldn’t already tell, y’all are one of our all time FAVORITE couples!  I feel like I’ve been on this journey with y’all and am so glad y’all have included me in the celebration from the very beginning with your proposal at Flat Creek Winery.   Y’all have both always made us feel appreciated and welcomed.  Even your families were super hug-y towards us and we enjoyed being a part of such a joyous day!  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Much Love,
Mylah Renae

Horseshoe Bay Resort Wedding Photographer


Creative Team: 
Wedding Ceremony: Horseshoe Bay Resort Yacht Club (Lily Lawn)
Horseshoe Bay Resort Wedding Photographer: Eureka Photography
Floral Design: Picture Perfect Events
Wedding Hair and Make-up Gurus: Grand Slam Glam
Reception: Quail Point Lodge
Wedding Bands: Quenan’s
Wedding Cake by: Michelle’s Patisserie
Wedding Videography: JR Digital Video
DJ: Complete Weddings


  1. Marka Herbert

    September 30th, 2016 at 7:37 PM

    A big THANK YOU to my friends from Market Strret Floral in Lubbock. The reception floral arrangements were made by Friends from Market Street Floral and the Brides’s mom. Picture Perfect Events did the bouquets and floral arrangement on the pergola at LIly Lawn.

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