I love wedding photography!  I also LOVE helping other creatives realize their own business can be successful and profitable and worth their investment of time.  If you're a lady boss looking for business tips and simple ways to attract your dream client, 

eureka education

you're wanting to start a creative business, or already have one, but need guidance to get headed in the right direction.

you've been in business for a while, but still aren't attracting your ideal clients.

your friends and family don't know if you'll flake out,
as you constantly
"have so much work to do."

you're frequently missing time away from your husband and fur-babies (or real babies), and you don't know if it's worth it.

you have no idea what your hourly rate is.

you're still working another job beyond your creative business and you don't want to be anymore.

you're not getting referred by others in your industry and you're not sure why.

you only hear crickets after you've sent potential clients your pricing guide.

you know your clients are paying you, but you can't seem to pay yourself and you don't know where the money is going.

you can't remember the last day you took off or
haven't taken a vacation in the last year.

any of those sounded like you.  If so, don't worry!  I'm here to help!
The 5-year mark in business has been my favorite so far and I can
help you do the same!
Let's get started!

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you're in the
right place if...



Do you only coach photographers?

Absolutely not!
While I do have tons of photography insights, the business knowledge I have can be applied to a wide array of industries!

Is your business insight best for wedding pros?

Wedding Professionals are the first creative business owners I've worked with and are the ones I most relate to, as I interact with them the most often.  However, lots of the ideas I'll share can work for multiple industries.

Why do you think you can help me?

Not only do I have a degree and background in business (which most creatives dread), I've also lived through some of what you may currently be going through.  This means I have the experience to tell you how I found my way out of that same valley you may be in right now.

Why is it better to learn from you than from someone who only teaches?

I'm still in the business!  I still shoot weddings and am still practicing lots of the ideas I'll share!  Also, it's easier to learn from someone who is still in the trenches with you!

"I have a ton of questions and need feedback regarding specific areas in my business"
1.5-hour Coffee Date

mentoring session

"I'd love the coffee date, but I'm not in Austin"

45-minute Skype call

skype call

"I'm just looking for someone to help with my online home"

In-Depth Website Critique

website review

"I want to attend a workshop and learn about your business and how you shoot"

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Start with Why


why I'm starting this venture and why you should share your why

when to let things go and let others help push your business forward

Using Instagram

how to use Instagram for your creative business and find clients


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