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Behind the Scenes 2016

December 19, 2016

This is one of my favorite posts every year.  It’s a time to look back on the weddings we’ve shot and re-live the fun moments from our #EurekaBrides wedding days!  This is our Behind the Scenes blog post for our 2016 weddings (minus the one we still have coming up later this year).

We love when our #EurekaBrides let us pick the best location, based on light, for their portraits.  As we travel from great light to great light, we help them with their wedding dresses.

Some of our #EurekaBrides favorite shots usually involve their wedding veil.  If there isn’t wind, Dylan is our go-to stand in.  Here’s what I mean:

I can’t ever leave my camera alone with Dylan.  This is the cute little surprise I get later if I do.

Sometimes, we can get the littles to enjoy getting their photo taken if we get down to their level and let them see a picture of themselves.  It usually works and we end up with a new friend for the rest of the night.

Something funny that happens at EVERY wedding is when guests ask us to take photos for them… on their phones.  We put down our professional cameras that are dialed in for perfect exposures and that add in beautiful light when needed, to take an immediately sharable image for guests.  We TOTALLY get the desire to share content immediately, so we do it happily!  Then, we let them know the bride and groom can share all the awesome images we take at their wedding day, including one of the guests, if they’d like a professional copy of the same image we just snapped on their phone.

Dylan and I tend to photo-bomb each other at every wedding.  We usually snap the image, again, once the other is out of sight for the camera, so the couple still gets the beautiful shot.  Here are some “get out of my shot” moments.

Before anyone gets upset that Dylan went to the above engagement session with me, please know that we flew to New York for that engagement session, so it was pretty special.  I’m the only one who shows up to bridals or engagements, unless we’re traveling for it.  I don’t like to travel without Dylan, so if you want a destination engagement or bridal session, you automatically get Dylan as a second shooter for that session, as well!

I distinctly rememeber this next shot of Dylan sticking his tounge out at me from around the doors at Twisted Ranch.  It took every ounce of my energy not to burst out laughing.  If you’ve ever wondered, we have fun doing what we love together and hope we can make it a fun day for you, too!

Sometimes, we can even photo-bomb our own shots.  Although rare, it does happen.  Above, you’ll see me in the mirror of Chelsea’s photo with her flower girl.  Don’t worry, I saw it, stepped out, and re-shot it for Chelsea.  Below, you’ll see Dylan’s reflection in the center of this super awesome chandelier of Mike and Kyndra’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York.  He’s always looking for different angles.

Seriously,  if there is a weird angle or a different vantage point for Dylan to shoot, that is where he’ll be.   See for yourself – it’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo?” for the 6’6″ wedding photographer.


In this next one, you’ll see his feet.  There was a very large group of people for an extended family shot that gathered during the reception and there was no way either of us could get all the faces standing at the same height they were at.  From a higher vantage point, Dylan was able to get in every family members’ face.

I always start every wedding day photographing the bridal details.  This includes the bride’s wedding bouquet, the invitation suite, and all three wedding bands, among other details.

If the wedding dress needs to be photographed outside of the bridal suite, Dylan is the one to carry it.  His height is a great advantage to making sure long trains don’t drag as it’s being carried.

We like having time just before the ceremony, while the bride is in hiding anyway, to photograph reception details, as our #EurekaBrides intend their guests to see it.  This gives us a chance to photograph everything set up before purses, jackets, and cocktail glasses clutter things.  If you’re not sure about wedding timelines, because this is your first wedding, don’t worry!  I’ve gotcha!  I like helping all of our brides create a timeline that is perfect for their wedding day!

There is usually a point during romantic portraits that our brides decide they want to take some pictures without their veil.  That’s when this happens.  

Sometimes, during initial meetings with couples, I’ll get asked where we stand during the ceremony.  They’ve likely been to a recent wedding where the photographer or videographer has stood in a place that distracted from the ceremony.  We don’t like that either.  So, here’s where we stand.  During the ceremony, we’re usually at the back of the aisle (shown below) or at the sides.

For the first kiss and ring exchange, I do like to be a little bit closer, so I’ll go halfway up the aisle and sit down.  This way, I’m not blocking guests’ view.   Yes, I sometimes shoot ceremonies barefoot.

We make such pretty faces when we’re testing lights.

Sometimes we sneak attack the other to test light.

While most of our bridal parties are fun, every now and then the groomsmen get a little bit rowdy.  So, I ask for ONE good shot for the bride.  The rest of their time can be spent in a less than formal manner.  Here, I’m asking for the one good shot of our 15 groomsmen and promised to get them back to the beer drinking in a matter of minutes.  I’d rather them be enjoying the day, too!

We’re more than just wedding photographers.  We like to think of ourselves as friends of the bride and groom who just happen to take awesome images.  We believe that people matter more than pictures and will always help whenever we can.  Dylan helps ladies in heels get across bumpy ground (shown here with the groom’s sweet mama).  He also helps grandparents get in and out of family photos, if there are mobility issues.  He’s a strong brace.

We help put on boutonnieres.  I’ve pinned entire groups of groomsmen many, many times.

We help our couples get from location to location.  This is one of the reasons Dylan loves shooting at Twisted Ranch – they give him the keys!

We help with wardrobe. I remember Beth (on the left) saying “Just stab it in there, Mylah!” when her veil refused to stay in her hair during her and Juston’s first look.  On the right, I’m bustling Kyndra’s wedding dress.  I don’t even know how many wedding dresses I’ve bustled.  If you need help with yours on your wedding day, I can likely get it done, no matter what type you have!

Below, Dylan found the missing bridesmaid bouquet and saved our portrait time!  I’m so thankful for his willingness to help out wherever needed!

Do you have an eyelash poking your eyeball?   Yea, I’ve helped out with that, too.  I’ve also pinned hair, cut threads off wedding dresses when everyone else is scared to, put our brides’ shoes on, adjusted petticoats (that’s another reason to be REALLY comfortable with your wedding photographer), and made the call on what jewelry to wear on your wedding day.  I’m a trusted advisor in the bridal suite and can answer a TON of questions – no matter how random.

We don’t mind jumping in a shot with our favorite #eurekabrides who ask us to!  This is with our past bride, Stormy, at her sister’s wedding after our coverage time had wrapped up.

If you can handle our crazy faces and back and forth banter (which is usually pretty funny), we promise to give you the biggest hug on your wedding day because we are so delighted to share in your happy day!  It makes our hearts smile knowing we’re capturing your family’s first day of happily every after.  We also love knowing that the images we create are a tangible thing for you and your husband to look back at when you’re approaching a hard day in your marriage that allows you to remember one of your favorite days – the day y’all said “We do!”   We hope our images serve as a reminder that the good times outweigh the bad and that fighting for your marriage is always worth it.

We want the absolute best for you and are rooting for your marriage – always!

– Mylah Renae


  1. Michelle says:

    I love this idea so much! My fiance and I shoot together and we always snag fun shots of eachother. I never thought of putting the photos together. I love this!!!!!!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    So sweet! Loved the veil behind the scenes…that Happens so often! Lol

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