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Beach Boudoir: Austin Boudoir Photographer

October 1, 2013

Remember that time I told you that I shoot Boudoir, but then… never shared any more boudoir sessions?  Yea.  That happened.  It didn’t happen because I stopped shooting boudoir sessions, it happened because it is a private type of photography.  Out of respect for my clients and their relationships, I’ve stopped asking for model releases that give me permission to share their boudoir sessions.  Most women are TOTALLY on board with sharing: they looking freaking gorgeous and want the world to know (well, except for their boss and …maybe their students who are still in grade school …and maybe their preacher).  Their husbands or fiances are either all about sharing (they want the world to know WHAT A CATCH their lady is) or would rather keep the photos for their eyes only (since he had to work so hard to catch her).

If you’ve ever asked me about shooting boudoir, you know that I LOVE it!  The experience is so much fun for the lady getting her photographs taken, they usually have an incredible story as to why they’re just now choosing to have a boudoir session at this time in their life, and there is a confidence they walk away with that wasn’t there before.  There is something very liberating about being photographed, no holds barred, in the body that GOD gave you and it changes your mindset about beauty AND your own limits that you’ve put on yourself.

Boudoir photography is usually a celebration of some sort: celebrating a huge weight loss, celebrating a recovery from anorexia, celebrating a new marriage OR a recommitment to a longstanding marriage that has finally been brought back to a life priority.  People who don’t understand the significance that boudoir photography can have on a lady have never experienced the STORIES behind boudoir photography.  I’m so very thankful to all my clients who have trusted me with their boudoir sessions AND the stories they share.  It’s the story that makes it worth it and lights the fire inside me to keep doing what I do.

Since I want to keep shooting boudoir, I have to keep SHOWING boudoir.  Right?  You have to show what you want to shoot or no one will know that you photograph it (or even want to photograph it).  Today, I’m going to share a boudoir session that I shot for a bride-to-be!  She was such a sweet lady (who made me feel like a friend) and shared her excitement to be a new bride, all the things that make her fiance awesome, and all the joys/stresses of planning a wedding.  While I won’t share her entire session, I did ask her if I could share a certain portion of it – the part of her session that I want to shoot a lot more of: outdoor boudoir!  She and I drove to the beach and shot these:

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Now you can see why I just HAD to ask if I could share her beach boudoir photos!  And, since she is totally covered and not showing anything that any girl wouldn’t be at the beach on any given weekend, she AND her fiance (now husband) were totally ok with it!

I’m SO SO SO very grateful for all my awesome clients!  Especially when they have AWESOME ideas like shooting a Beach Boudoir Session!

– Mylah Renae

Austin Boudoir Photographer



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