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Austin Proposal Photographer: Toby & Sarah

October 18, 2013

She had a client cancel on them last minute.  They had driven from Houston that morning for two different client meetings and the second one canceled.  As they continued driving, he read aloud a sign that advertised Glass Bottom Boat tours not far from them.  She pondered the thought for a moment before he reminded her that she had once told him they needed to “plan to be more spontaneous.”  Sarah smiled inside knowing that most girls would LOVE to have a guy like her Toby: one who wants to be more spontaneous with their girl.  He called for directions and they were on their way to a spontaneous trip that only happened because a client freed up their time with a last minute cancellation. San Marcos Springs SignageSan Marcos Proposal PhotographerGlass Bottom Boats Austin Wedding Photographer-69Austin Proposal Photographer-66Austin Proposal Photographer-62 Austin Proposal Photographer-202 Austin Proposal Photographer-204

After Toby paid for the 1:30PM tour, they made their way to the boats.  The tour started and they both looked over the edge in the middle to look into the crystal clear waters of San Marcos Springs.

Austin Proposal Photographer-4Austin Proposal Photographer-111When they saw divers under the boat, the driver explained that various research goes on pretty often at the springs so the Scuba Divers were a fairly normal occurrence.  Some even get as much entertainment from people watching from under the boats as the people in the boats get from fish-watching.Austin Proposal Photographer-78Well, the divers kept getting closer and closer to the boat.  More than that, they were carrying a weird tube that she couldn’t place as something needed for research.  As it unfolded, she was able to read words on it – including her name…Best Proposal Idea EVERUnderwater Proposal

As she continued to watch the divers, she was finally able to fully read the sign that ended with “…will you marry me?!?”  Austin Proposal Photographer-25Austin Proposal Photographer-6Austin Proposal Photographer-124Austin Proposal Photographer-102

She took one look at her grinning boyfriend and immediately leaped onto him in a bear hug that anyone looking at could only assume to be a YES!Austin Proposal Photographer-99Austin Proposal Photographer-14

This, please remember, was all BEFORE he even had a chance to pull out the ring.  After a sweet moment of hugs, kisses, smiles, and multiple “yes”es, Toby got down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him.Austin Proposal Photographer-11Austin Proposal Photographer-85Austin Proposal Photographer-87Austin Proposal Photographer-36Austin Proposal Photographer-89 Austin Proposal Photographer-128Austin Proposal Photographer-106

After waving to the divers, who had emerged with the sign to congratulate the newly engaged lovebirds, Toby told Sarah that he had one last surprise for her.  He pointed over to the other boat on the water that also had only two people on it: her wedding photographers who were present to capture the whole scenario for them to remember forever.  Austin Proposal Photographer-83 Austin Proposal Photographer-23Austin Proposal Photographer-134 Austin Proposal Photographer-138 Austin Wedding Photographer-137

They jumped off the boat to a group of people who were in on Toby’s secret.  Not only had the client meeting cancellation been planned, he had already paid for the tickets weeks in advance (although they did charge his card one penny, to make it look like a real transaction).  His call for directions was really to let the crew know that he and Sarah were only 15 minutes out.  The 1:30PM cruise was not running that day, but they made an exception for Sarah and Toby AND got the best boat drivers available for the VERY FIRST proposal to ever happen on (and under) the water at San Marcos Springs.  Every detail of the day was thought about weeks in advance so that Toby could ask Sarah (who kept guessing when it was coming) and take her by surprise!  Here is a group shot of the secret keepers:San Marcos Springs Aquarena Proposal The Meadow Center

Austin Proposal Photographer-40 Austin Wedding Photographer-44 Austin Proposal Photographer-142 Austin Wedding Photographer-143

I love how Toby makes Sarah laugh.  Austin Wedding Photographer-145 Austin Proposal Photographer-153 Austin Proposal Photographer-155

Toby had this ring specially designed just for his bride-to-be.  Austin Wedding Photographer-156 Austin Proposal Photographer-158 Austin Wedding Photographer-162 Austin Proposal Photographer-163

Sarah, you are TOO CUTE for words.  Seriously!Austin wedding Photographer-164 Austin Proposal Photographer-166Austin Proposal Photographer-171 Austin Proposal Photographer-170San Marcos Springs Aquarena Proposal Austin Wedding Photographer-177 Austin Proposal Photographer-180 Proposal Ideas for Texas State Students Austin Proposal Photographer-186Austin Engagement Photographer-49 Soft Field engagement photographyAustin Wedding Photographer-50 Tickle FightAustin Wedding Engagement  Photographer-196 Austin Wedding Photographer-194 Austin Wedding Photographer-52 Austin Wedding Photographer for Texas State Students Austin Engagement Photographer-55


Toby and Sarah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Dylan and I feel absolutely honored to have been asked to capture such a special moment for the two of you!  We wish you the absolute best and are thrilled to be part of your big day this Spring.

– Mylah Renae

Austin Proposal Photographer



  1. GREAT pull off team! Wow, does she dress that cute everyday?! Impressive.

  2. Deeters says:

    How romantic!! How fun to be a part of that!! And what fun pictures. How will they ever choose? Beautiful! And love the ones where she is laughing!

  3. Cindy Carroll says:

    Fantastic! I love this story. My grandfather built Aquarena Springs and those boats hold a special place in my heart. I’m so proud those boats are still running and showing off that beautiful river and still making special memories for people. Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

    • Mylah Renae says:

      Oh, Cindy! A great big thank you to your grandfather! Aquarena Springs is such a beautiful place and I’m so glad they let us visit! Now, it will forever be a part of Toby and Sarah’s family history. THANK YOU!

  4. Livia Pope says:

    What a great proposal! Awesome photos Mylah!

  5. […] of y’all may remember Sarah and Toby from their proposal at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos.  Well, their wedding is just over a month away, so we got together for their […]

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